Benefits of Cummins Generators


Benefits of Cummins Generators

Cummins generator adopts Sino-US joint venture Cummins engine, which has the characteristics of small size, many specifications, steady performance,

Cummins generator adopts Sino-US joint venture Cummins engine, which has the characteristics of small size, many specifications, steady performance, convenient parts grant and maintenance, etc. Compared with different brands of diesel generator sets, the blessings of Cummins diesel generator sets are reflected in product design and technical advantages.

Basic design features

1. Cummins generator set cylinder block is solid and durable, with the characteristics of low vibration and low noise;

2. Adopt in-line cylinder block design, secure operation, and excessive efficiency;

3. Replaceable wet cylinder liner, lengthy life, and easy maintenance;

4. Two cylinders with one cover, four valves per cylinder, full air intake, forced water cooling, and small heat radiation.

Fuel system

Using Cummins PT fuel system, with unique Overspeed maintenance device: low-stress oil pipe, few pipes, low failure rate, high reliability; High-stress injection, sufficient combustion to make certain that the engine maintains proper running condition in exclusive environments and exceptional working conditions. It is also equipped with a fuel oil supply and return one-way valve, for secure and reliable use.

Air intake and exhaust system

Cummins generator is equipped with dry kind air cleaner and air resistance gauge, the usage of exhaust fuel turbocharger, with sufficient air intake and guaranteed performance;

The use of a dry pulse exhaust can effectively use the energy of the exhaust gases and supply the most performance to the engine. The generator set is equipped with a large diameter exhaust elbow and exhaust bellows for handy connection.

For generating sets over 200KW, use stainless steel bellows over 610mm.

Refrigeration system

Cummins generator set uses a centrifugal gear water pump for forced water cooling, large flow channel design, good cooling effect, can effectively reduce heat radiation and noise, and has a rotary water filter unique, which can stop rust and corrosion, control acidity, and remove impurities.

Lubrication system

A variable flow oil pump with a main oil channel signal tube can be used to regulate the amount of oil in the pump according to the oil stress of the main oil channel and optimize the amount of oil coming into the engine. Under low oil pressure, it can effectively decrease the energy loss of the pump oil and improve the power performance and engine economy.

Power output

Cummins generator set dampers can be equipped with double-groove power output crankshaft pulleys. The front stop of the generator set is equipped with multi-groove accent force pulleys, which can be equipped with various front strength output devices, Suitable for connection and mounting of various transmission requirements.

Other Advantages of Cummins Diesel Generators

High Reliability: Intensified cast and alloy cylinder and ferrous ductile iron (FCD) piston give the engine higher rigidity performance and decrease vibration and noise, and also make the engine adapt to greater burst pressure.

Good fuel economy: Advanced fuel control system, exclusive STC, ESTC stepping management system, specially designed higher piston chamber, and excessive pressure fuel injection lead to excellent fuel consumption rate and engine emissions performance.

Excellent transient performance – perfect normal engine design with exclusive Cummins EFC system, high precision control, and fast response time.


All in all, due to the advantages of the cummins generator set, it is widely used in backup energy supply, self-sufficient power supply, choice energy supply, and mobile power supply. After reading all the benefits, I recommend buying a Cummins generator at the best prices in online stores.