Complete Buying Guide Smartphone


Complete Buying Guide Smartphone

Whether you are considering shopping for your first smartphone or simply upgrading from an older model, you will feel engulfed by shopping for a repla

Whether you are considering shopping for your first smartphone or simply upgrading from an older model, you will feel engulfed by shopping for a replacement in the smartphone store. With such a big amount of choices to settle on, it is often laborious to grasp if you are obtaining the proper phone at its true worth.

What is a smartphone?

A smartphone is a mobile device that is much more powerful than the normal one. Except for basic functions like calling, mailing and messages texting, smartphones can help you hook up quicker with the web via a cellular network. These features make smartphones get incredibly competitive in the mobile market. With the further development of technology, smartphones are now even threatening the laptop market, as a variety of apps are now appearing and help us live a more interesting life.

You may also have heard of the major operating systems of smartphones: iOS and Android. Generally speaking, there is no such thing as “iOS is better than Android” or the opposite. For normal users, iOS can provide you with a better user experience, as the chipsets built inside are the top-rating ones. However, if you are more fond of app development or more free app-using experience, the Android one could be the one that meets your need.

Do I need a smartphone?

As mentioned, smartphones are becoming more and more functional in the past few years, the advantage will go further in the future. However, the disadvantage is, that some of them can be a bank-breaker if you are expecting a better user experience. These high-end models even price over a laptop or desktop!

If you are happy to use your existing device alone, a smartphone wouldn’t be necessary.

4 things you can do with your smartphone:

With your smartphone, you can do more than just speak and text. 

l  It can be a digital toolbox. Several smartphones have handy constitutional tools. An LED “flashlight” is almost equipped in every model. Some have a compass and even a “level” tool to assist you to hold your icon upright.

l  It helps you stay healthy. Apps like FitStar Personal Trainer, Fitness, and Zombies, Run! could help you to stay fit. Some newly released models even have pedometers and vital sign monitors. There are also apps that could track calories and realize your fitness goal.

l  It makes you a photographer. The image quality of smartphone cameras is commonly resembling or may be higher than that of digital cameras. With a smartphone like Honor 70 in hand, you don’t need to have a heavy camera always on your side.

l  It helps save energy and your bill. You can control your home through the apps, turning off the light and TV, stopping the water heater from overloading, and so on. This is a feature that not only makes your life easier but also helps cut your energy bills. And all you need to do is tap the screen, doesn’t it sound like a science-fiction come true?


I’m sure you are having a better understanding of a smartphone and its capability now. Go for it and enjoy a smart life!