Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Crypto Coin Promotion


Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Crypto Coin Promotion

The cryptocurrencies craze has taken the world by storm and dominated most of the headlines in 2018. The demand for these digital assets is still ris

The cryptocurrencies craze has taken the world by storm and dominated most of the headlines in 2018. The demand for these digital assets is still rising, especially among millennials who are looking for something new, exclusive, and exciting Crypto Project. However, with all these crazy coins on the market that you have to buy or mine in order to earn anything from them is a bit overwhelming for many newcomers.

1. Spread Your Message

There are at least a thousand different cryptocurrencies out there and each of them is fighting for the top spot in the market. This is why you should learn about your coin and share the good news about it on as many platforms as possible. This includes blogs, forums, social media channels, and Telegram groups. But you should never spam these channels to promote your coin because this could get you banned from them. Instead, try to provide value whenever you can by answering questions or sharing your knowledge or experience with others who are new to the crypto world. Just be sure that whatever you do is always relevant to what your community wants and needs, otherwise they will not listen to anything you say.

2. Use Stellar and Stellar Lumens

Stellar is a decentralized platform that enables users to send and receive funds anywhere in the world almost instantly, reliably, and for free. It’s a platform that you can use to promote your coin because it uses most of the features that people are looking for when they invest in a cryptocurrency; transparency, great service, quick transactions, and lower fees. These are also the key words you should use whenever you promote your coin as these are what most people look for.

3. Create Your Website

Most cryptocurrencies have their own websites where users can go to read about the project and get more information about it. But if you are among the ones that are not in this category, you should create your own website. This could be used as a gateway to your community to know more about your coin and then convert them into people who will buy it. This can be done by using content that is unique to you, monthly trading updates, social media updates, press releases, images and videos of people who support your project and more Website list is here.

4. Use a Graphic Designer

Just because the cryptocurrency market is too complex for most new investors doesn’t mean that some of them don’t want something simple to understand when they start looking at coins. This is one of the main reasons you need to create a website that focuses on design and adds a special touch of your own to it. This will make you become much more appealing to investors and this means that they will be more open to joining your community and backing your coin.

5. Create a Crypto-Only Facebook Group

More than half of all people around the world use Facebook as their primary platform for interacting with friends, family, or colleagues. And what’s even better is that most of them are connected to other people they can collaborate with in business or in life. This means that if you have an interest in doing so, you can create and manage a group where everyone that joins it will only be able to communicate about your coin. You should also be sure to provide value to everyone who joins the group and answer their questions.

6. Launch your Fund

You should always provide a way for people to buy coins from you at the time of their choosing and not just ask them to support it when the time of need comes. This is why many new coins have created a fund where they ask people to pay either monthly, quarterly or at any other point in time they would like provided they are buying more than five coins. This is also a good way to provide people with a discount if they buy more coins from you. Know about seo service.

7. Create Your Own Coin

Yes, creating your own coin is a bit more difficult than promoting someone else’s one, but the rewards are far greater if you do it right. You can create your own coin by choosing which blockchain platform you want to use and then use it to put all of your ideas into action. You will also have full control over its features and how the coin could interact with the world around it.

8. Buy Ads

It’s no secret that the highest paying keywords in the world today are related to cryptocurrencies. Word like “blockchain”, “crypto”, or “bitcoin” earn you a lot of money if you use them on platforms such as Facebook. But it’s not that simple because people have become more selective about what they see and what they don’t look down upon. This means that you will have to create an ad that is relevant to the platform it will be seen on and the audience it aims to target. The more specific you are, the better results you will get with ads.

9. Create a YouTube Channel

If you are a person that likes to create content and share it with others on YouTube, then this is the perfect platform for you. Always be sure to do your best during each video and try to share as much knowledge as possible. This will help people see that you know what you’re talking about and they will be more likely to buy coins from you. It’s also good to create videos of your community members so they can tell their stories or discuss how they feel about the project or ask questions related to it.