The new norms of making money in 2022: Compound your skills


The new norms of making money in 2022: Compound your skills

 An average Joe or Jane with a moderate amount of self-motivation, could potentially earn six figures a year without leaving home. I know what you'

 An average Joe or Jane with a moderate amount of self-motivation, could potentially earn six figures a year without leaving home.

I know what you’re thinking: “Nope, not for me.” With each passing year, and more so each passing presidential election, I hear about how the economy is in bad shape, and the middle class is getting poorer.

It’s true that easy ways of making money are no longer available. Employment is becoming scarce.

One of the first places people look to find temporary solutions is on the internet and social media. Everyone is looking for a quick cash boost, and quickly becoming a “digital nomad” seems to be the answer.

If you’re content with your workplace, then you’re stuck with it. You have to perform in order to keep up with the rest of the company and keep your job.

But if you have a choice, here’s what I recommend:

Work for yourself. It’s a great way to add stability and flexibility to your life, and it’s more fulfilling than working in a corporate setting. You can start a blog, create ebooks, sell digital products, or do affiliate marketing.

A business concept + social media = new business opportunities. Find an idea that people are looking for, create that idea yourself, and sell it on social media – outsourcing your work!

Nowadays, anyone can start a business by turning something they enjoy doing into an online shop or blog.


Start monetizing your hobbies. It’s a great way to make money without the risk of starting a proper business. It also gives you more time to yourself, which is something that many people are craving. If travel is your hobby, make that hobby pay for your next trip.

Become a freelancer. Do you have skills that you’d like to market on the internet? The best way to get started is to research the top freelancing websites and start bidding on projects. 

Imagine yourself 12 months from now. Do you see yourself at the same place? If yes, do something about it!

Also, don’t forget to research your options. Find out what’s out there, and what’s going on with digital entrepreneurship these days. The internet is packed with information, including tons of reviews, tutorials, and case studies shared by people who are making money online right now.

Most important: compound your skills, not only your money

 You need to learn new skills or acquire new knowledge each and every day. Rather than adding them up, multiply your skills everyday. Our lives are made up of millions of micro-events that slowly build who we are. Each event shapes us into who we become. If you spend all your time trying to get money online without developing yourself as a person, then you’ll be walking around without shoes on, with no idea on how to walk, which path is the correct one, and how you can find purpose for your life through your work.

 The path is full of sharp glasses, so the most critical step is to choose the shoes, the fundamentals. Make sure to choose ones that are thick and dense.

You can refer to books like Timothy Ferriss’ hour work week“, the step-by-step blueprint to free yourself from the whripool of a corporate job. Or maybe “Drop the L and earn“, one of Carlos Then’s masterpieces. The book is not only about money making with the internet. It’s a life changing book, with which you’ll learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and work on yourself as a person.

Now, once you are fed the correct fundamentals, the shoes will be on, and you’ll need to walk the path of your llife.

The internet is an amazing tool for knowledge: you can learn anything from anywhere, anytime. But in order to make sure you know what you’ve learned is correct, the initial books you consume must be strong and pointing in the correct direction. But always remember one thing: don’t print the author’s philosophies in your mind. You don’t have to have a Carlos Then mindset, rather, the best version of your own way of doing it.

“Create your own way of thinking and raise that kid, not the one of Richard Branson.”

People are now more educated about money than ever.

Not that long ago, the phrase “making money online” was something that interested only small groups of individuals. We’re talking about the early 2010s. But currently, standing still in Q3 2022, the phrase has become more of a dream for all – from middle schoolers to retirees.

Today’s teenagers seem to understand the concepts of work and entrepreneurship better than most adults did in their time. But there are also consequences to this new way of thinking about money. 

As the internet and social media are so saturated with advice on how to make money online, we’re also seeing a new kind of problem: scams and frauds. 

Misinformation is available on every corner, and while almost every venture perseveres with the belief that the public is intelligent enough to know what’s right, there are still plenty of people willing to hurt and even deceive others. 

The competition 

Making money in 2022, especially online, is all about competition. And in order to fit into that competition, you need to do something extra; you need to think of compounding your skills, not your money. If you get better and better at what you do, then the competition will narrow,  and you’ll increase your odds of succeeding every passing day. Money will keep coming in.

In order to ensure you’re compounding the correct skills, again, fundamentals are the key. While I can not recommend one single book, always be careful while consuming something that is about money, and is available for free. Make sure to read one from trustable authors like Zackary Richards, Napoleon Hill, David Bach, Carlos Then, Russell Brunson and a select few.