Top Tips to Stay Young-Looking For as Long as Possible


Top Tips to Stay Young-Looking For as Long as Possible

It is nearly everyone’s dream to stay young forever. When it comes to taking care of oneself to appear younger, it is not only the face that matters

It is nearly everyone’s dream to stay young forever. When it comes to taking care of oneself to appear younger, it is not only the face that matters – but also your overall appearance.

Simply put, you have to worry about not only your face but your skin too.

There is no denying that aging is inevitable, but if you have to age, you can do everything possible to put aging off for as long as possible.

Aging incorporates so much more than your genes and the UV rays.

Read on to learn more about the essential tips to maintain your youth for as long as possible.

Invest in Skincare

The first thing that you will want to do is to invest in your skincare. Skincare is such a fast-paced, evolving industry – but some products are just so-proven to help you and your skin.

One basic ingredient that is crucial when you start introducing yourself to skincare is retinol.

Basically, retinol is Vitamin A that encourages skin turnover.

Usually, the aging process starts in the mid-20s. But other elements also play a part in the aging process, such as hormonal changes and pregnancies.

Now, as a first-time user of retinol, you should know that it might leave your skin dry and sensitive at times.

Before applying retinol, you might want to wash your face, double-cleanse your face (if you have to), and then put a little bit of essence and face mist on. Then apply a few drops of the retinol serum. And to seal the retinol, you might as well apply some nighttime oil onto your face.

Rest assured – you must use SPF every day and be diligent about it. Because if there is anything that causes damage to the skin – it is the UV rays.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Did you know that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are responsible for at least 90% of aging skin? Subsequently, the UV rays break down skin elasticity and cause age spots, dull skin, wrinkles, and an uneven skin tone.

So, do wear sunscreen!

As mentioned before – it is literally proven that the number one cause of premature aging is sun damage and UV rays.

Loads of people love to bask in the sun – and if this sounds relatable, you might want to slather yourself with sunscreen.

Many people complain about getting wrinkles despite applying sunscreen. The thing is that they might not be as diligent and regular as they should be. It doesn’t matter whether it is raining or the sun is out – you need to apply sunscreen daily.

If you use lipstick, make sure it has SPF in it. Make it a religious habit to apply sunscreen. If you apply a moisturizer, make sure it has SPF.

There are loads of great products out there that have SPF in them. Make sure to buy products that have ingredients that sync with your skin type. So, try out different things and see which ones go best with your skin.

Lose Weight

Unbeknownst to many, weight loss can make you look younger. It actually takes away years from your age.

Now losing weight can be a bit cruel – because you have worked so hard, your body is looking really good – the face looks better, but often not so much, which is why you might as well opt for and get a younger-looking face.  

There are different ways to lose weight, you might hit the gym regularly, practice intermittent fasting, eat correctly, and then, someone might tell you that you are looking tired.

So, make sure to use the right supplements to make up for the nutrition that you aren’t fully receiving from your diet. Nonetheless, weight loss can help you enormously with a younger appearance. As people get older, they often gain weight due to a slowing metabolism.

You can fight this aging impact by losing extra weight through exercising, intermittent fasting, consuming more water, and eating freshly home-cooked food.

Eat Right

You have to ensure that you supply your body with the right food. Studies have shown that you should consume more green veggies. Extra virgin oil is also a healthy choice for a younger-looking appearance. Nothing beats omega-3-fatty acids – so consuming fatty fish is absolutely crucial.

Also, consume more avocados, pomegranates, flax seeds, dark chocolate, and green tea. Nonetheless, the best food to consume for an anti-aging diet is anti-inflammatory. So, make sure it is a plant-based diet.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Loads of people struggle with this component. We are talking about getting an efficient amount of sleep and that good, deep, good-quality sleep, which is crucial for our bodies.

Ideally, you should aim to get somewhere between seven to eight hours. But loads of people feel that they don’t get that really deep sleep anymore. 

If you can relate to this, you should start using different things to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

For instance, you could start by meditating before going to sleep. You might as well use guided meditation, which will relax you and put your brain in a less busy state of mind. Meditation also includes breath work, affirmation, and visualization.

This aspect will prompt you to prepare yourself to sleep. You will tell yourself that now it is time to settle down and go to sleep.

You can also try feeling sleepy by getting yourself in a comfy spot by using a weighted blanket. The weighty blanket will make you feel like someone is hugging you while you are sleeping.

It makes you feel very cozy, and you can snuggle into the blanket as it is breathable.

Studies have proven that a weighted blanket is very beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. It can help you calm your nervous system and feel secure and comforted. So, if you struggle with getting into that relaxed state of mind, you might want to try sleeping with a weighted blanket.


 Make self-care a priority and follow these tips religiously to keep looking younger for a longer time.